Frequently Asked Questions


Do you use any GMO (genetically modified) ingredients in your products?

The Ginger People products use only the finest 100% natural and organic ingredients, which are all certified GMO free.


Are Your Products Gluten Free?

Our range currently available in Australia and New Zealand, which includes beverages, candies, and crystallised ginger, does not contain gluten or wheat derived ingredients.

Some condiments and baked goods available in other markets are produced in separate facilities and may contain gluten.


Do you offer any sugar-free products?

If you can enjoy some natural sweetness, Ginger Soother tonic is sweetened only with pure California honey.


How many grams of ginger are in each product?

  • Ginger enerGizer tonic - 12 fl oz = 29 grams of ginger

  • Gin Gins® Super Boost – One piece = about 0.84 grams of ginger

  • Gin Gins® Original Chewy Ginger Candy – Two pieces = about 0.96 grams of Ginger

  • Gin Gins® Hard Candy – Three pieces = about 1.25 grams of ginger

    How many candies are in each of your packages?

    Gin Gins® Chewy Ginger Candy Travel Pack (42g) 7 pieces

    Gin Gins® Chewy Ginger Candy (84g box) approximately 14 pieces

    Gin Gins® Super Boost Travel Pack (31g) 12 pieces

    Gin Gins® Super Boost (84g box) approximately 28 pieces


    Are The Ginger People real?

    Of course! Our ginger-loving team may be hitting a shop or rail stop near you soon, so watch our Facebook page for details.

    Have a query we did not answer here?

    Please send us your questions by email and we'll answer them (at least the ones about ginger).